7 Don'ts a Responsible Dog Owner Avoids

7 Don'ts a Responsible Dog Owner Avoids

Dogs are one of the most sought pets around the world. According to recent Statistics, there are 75 million pet dogs in the United States alone. This is not surprising though, as our best friends proved time and time again their ability to bring about joy and happiness to our lives. It is no wonder that owning, raising, and training a dog is such a delightful experience for all of us to go through. However, owning a dog is a huge responsibility as well. Hence, there are several serious mistakes many dog owners make and other key aspects that they fail to recognize due to lack of experience or knowledge, which can lead to major health risks to our beloved pooches.

But don't worry, you are one blog away from ensuring your dog's safety and keeping them away from the vet. Here are 7 easy things to avoid that will turn you into a professional in your dog's healthcare and safety.

Responsible dog owners never ....

1. Walk their Dogs on Hot Concrete

While your feet are always protected by shoes, your dog's paws, on the other hand, are vulnerable to extreme hot surfaces, especially in summer. During these days, try to avoid walking your dog on sidewalks, streets, or any other concrete surfaces. YES! the Floor is Lava. Instead, stick to grassy areas and enjoy a perfect summer day with your best friend.

2. Shave their Dog's Fur during Summer

When the sunny summer knocks the door, your first instinct might be shaving your dog's hair. I mean, all this fur must feel like wearing a raincoat on a sunny day! However, what lots of people don't know, dog's fur protects them from being sun-burnt by harmful UV sun rays.

3. Take their Dogs to the Same Places

Dogs are curious creatures. They love to discover new places and learn new things. However, many dog owners bore their dogs by taking them on daily routine walks to the same places using the same roads! Don't make this mistake. Mix it up, use different routes and venture to new places.

4. Show their Dogs Affection After Making a Mistake

Some owners confuse their dogs by showering them with affection and love after they've made a mistake. Although its important to make your pooch feel loved and cared for, it is equally important for them to learn right from wrong. So don't confuse your dog's learning by cuddling it too soon after telling it off. Be sure to be firm when necessary to help your dog learn the rules.

5. Neglect their Dog's Teeth Hygiene

Do you know that 65% of dogs have untreated dental problems? This is because 5 out of 6 dog owners don't think brushing their dog's teeth is a necessity! Yes, teeth brushing is not a dog's favorite activity and it does take much of your time; regardless, try brushing your fluffy friend's teeth 3 times a week.

6. Let their Dogs Run with a Stick in their Mouths

Dogs love playing fetch and running in open fields. But imagine a scenario where one end of the stick is in your dog's mouth and the other end gets stuck in the ground, the once enjoyable game can end badly! Instead, always play fetch using a rubber ball to protect your pooch.

7. Forget to Trim their Dog's Nails

Naturally, dog nails wear down by walking on hard surfaces such as concrete. However, in case your dog spends the majority of its time at home, you have to trim their nails routinely to avoid your dog from scratching or hurting itself.

To conclude, while owning and training a dog is one of your life delights, don't forget its a great responsibility. With few simple changes and tweaks, you can significantly improve your dog's health and ensure its safety and happiness. 







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